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Seasons Change and So Does Our Skin

A great #serum for either season goes such a long way! #Hydration is the best way to keep your skin balanced from season to season. Here is what I've been preaching to my clients for years!


Spring is a beautiful season for so many reasons. But it's also the worst for so many too. Everything is starting to bloom, plenty of rainfall to keep moisture in the air and increased temperatures make it ideal to heal dry skin.

Stick to a very simple routine in the spring time. A great non striping moisturizing cleanser for sensitive/reactive/dehydrated skin. Creamy or creme based foaming cleanser.

A gentle gel cleanser for combination and occasional breakouts.

Oil based #cleansers are an amazing tool to have as well  as it strips away what you don't want. While adding in what you need. Awesome makeup removers too!


SPF! SPF! SPF! I can't say it enough.  If there's one thing you need for summer, it's #SPF.

The biggest misconception is that you must have the highest percentage for it to work. Not necessarily true. A higher time yields fewer reapplications, however it doesn't protect you anymore than the 30%. What you should be looking for is the active ingredients.  A physical sunblock (Zinc & Titanium) based is the best. (Yes you'll look sort of like a ghost.. but that's better than leather skin and skin cancer!)

Chemical sunscreens, are just that...screens. They have to let the sun in to activate.  And by then, what's the point. Not to mention the top 2 of the 4 ingredients are cancer causing ingredients. 

I would not use any #acids, #retinol, or skin brightening products during the summer. As they are all usually photo sensitive. Which can cause #hyperpigmentation

Stick to a simple routine.  Cleanse, #exfoliate, moisturizer.  Obviously add in an eye creme and serum. Hydration is life!


Fall is the best season. Why? Because it's also PEEL SEASON!

Chemical Peels are best during this time because no one is going to the beach, no prolonged time in the sun, and you can revitalize your skin from all that possible sun damage. 

Now is the time you add in your treatment cleansers, acids, retinols, and increase the skins cell turnover.


Calming season as I like to call it. Super cold days, strong winds and barely any moisture in the air. Hydration and moisture are definitely on the menu.

You don't want to be aggressive with your skin as you're more prone to drier skin and possible peeling.

Moral of the story;  have more than what you think you might need...and you'll never be without!

Chasity Reynolds, Esthetician

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